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Most early-stage firms expect real-time dashboards and demand to see a myriad of metrics, yet they monitor the performance of their companies with spreadsheets and Post-it notes. They praise the value of a strong technical culture, but limit their own technical hires to outsourced IT VARs. They expect beautiful product design, but have never designed or iterated a pure user flow or user experience. We understand the challenges that our portfolio companies face. H//NGE Capital is designed around a core of engineers, data scientists, designers, operators and machine learning experts, building products and programs to help author the next generation of great companies.

The platform we are building helps our founders and companies build better businesses. We believe we’re solving for some of the most critical pain points at the earliest stages of business creation:

  • Data + Software + Machine Learning  ://
  • UI/UX  ://Hinge.Design
  • Community + Recruiting  ://Unhinged
  • Research Engine + Contextual Content  ://Hinge.Build

In many cases we look more like a startup than a VC, but that’s what it takes to differentiate your capital in today’s noisy environment.   It’s the combining of Human, Social, Financial, Numerical and Cultural Capital to help you punch through.

Machine Intelligence for Market Predictions

Our perspective is that instead of teams of financial analysts, the modern venture firm has teams of skilled operators: people who have built companies, people who use bleeding-edge technology to leverage an unmatched, constantly-growing data set that empowers them to drive their vision. Instead of using Excel, we use the tools that other great companies use to build great outcomes, which are software, data science and machinery.

We designed our platform for the new generation of entrepreneurs. We design products and services that help our companies grow, recruit and deeply understand the important metrics that determine success or failure in the market. Our software combines machine learning with data science that:

  • Consumes massive and deep data sets
  • Answers complex questions
  • Predict future trends is the name of our real-time data platform that serves our founders directly, delivering market intelligence and helping to uncover the signals they need to invent the future. This machine-learning platform proactively collects and analyzes disparate pieces of data to understand the story of each company, predict its success, deliver insights on entire markets and provide specific quantified data and information to enable faster and better business decisions. is based on hundreds of data sources (some public, some proprietary), millions of startup companies, billions of data points and evolving algorithms. It demonstrates network effects — the predictive power grows as we add more data. Our team is able to marry the insights produced by with their knowledge of the sector to build an investment approach that is constantly evolving and improving.

The Unfair Design Advantage

Design is often the arch between the founder’s vision and the customer’s reality. Success lies in a combination of human values, including desirability and usability, business viability and technology feasibility. Design innovation, aka the Unfair Design Advantage, lies in the sweet spot between these complementary and sometimes competing priorities. User experience represents the best balance and integration of these factors.

We believe to get to the fringe and touch the customers and users on the edges you have to have brilliantly designed products and services.

We were the original partners in the first iteration of the Designer Fund, which specializes in helping to design products and scale design teams through their professional development programs called Bridge and Designer Founder Guild. Their community includes exceptional designer founders and design leaders from leading tech companies around the world. We provide our portfolio companies access through our partnership with the Designer Fund, as well as our staff design team.

Network + Events

In 2010, we began experimenting with building community and networks by connecting founders, mentors, executives, unique service providers and strategics through large and small events and online community tools. It’s been a great success. From co-launching the Post-Seed Conference to hosting regional summits, we were able to connect people who are all operating under a common theme.

Today, this group spans thousands of people across more than eight countries and fifteen cities. Whether your company has two founders or 1,000 employees, we invite everyone at your organization to engage with the H//NGE Network to get access to people and resources who can help you drive business growth.

Through bottom-up, peer-to-peer connections, our H//NGE Network offers access to cross-company events, shared resources, learning, development and talent.


Understanding the business value of innovation at the intersection of startup, machine learning, data science and statistics can pay dividends, bringing the recently impossible into the realm of possibility and providing key competitive differentiation for your organization.

Our research focuses on emerging trends that are still changing due to algorithmic breakthrough, hardware breakthrough, technological commoditization and data availability. Accompanying the research are working prototypes that exhibit the capabilities of the algorithm and offer predictive insights on its practical application for startup companies.

There’s a vast amount of company building content and data on the Internet, but it’s difficult to access what’s relevant based on your stage, market-timing and geography. Anyone who’s searched for something knows that search results tend to be splintered, immaterial, promotional, off-base and many times, contradictory. At the same time, more relevant content is being published online  — but it remains largely undiscoverable and scattered across blogs, Medium, YouTube, Quora, etc. 

Through our algorithms, we’re  able to source the best content across the entire Internet. The Rehinged Research Engine hooks into our predictive modeling infrastructure which acts like a database of extremely high-quality advice about all aspects of building companies, organized to help you find exactly what you are looking for based on the problem you are trying to solve.